The Caveman Diet – Consider It…..

In response to some of our patients’ questions about diet, muscle growth, weight loss, etc. here is a good summary (click pics above) of the Caveman Diet (AKA “Paleo” Diet). My feeling is if you can follow this diet a majority of the time (following this strictly all the time is VERY difficult for most people), and combine it with a regular exercise program, you will see many positive health benefits.

Or in other words, when you go grocery shopping, only buy food that’s on the perimeter of the store – don’t go down the aisles where all the bread/pasta/snacks/crackers/candy/sugary treats/other processed food is. (What! No bread!? Or pasta?! – Nope. Most of the time anyway – unless you want to become insulin resistant).Following this guideline alone will make a huge difference. Those who are diabetic or have a history of heart disease, consult a dietician. Odds are they will recommend something similar along these lines.


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